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We perform
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Media: Digital : Lab

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visually immersive experiences

Media: Digital : Lab


About Pixen : media

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A boutique agency specialized in the art of crafting immersive visual concepts, developing digital content, and curateing artistic installations that seamlessly intervene projects of any size or scale.

We perform artistic space interventions

and deliver visually immersive experiences.


Whether you're orchestrating a dynamic music show, an awe-inspiring art performance, an avant-garde art and space intervention, a corporate presentation, or simply seeking to elevate the ambiance of your restaurant, space or special event, we're here to enhance lives and bring beauty and wonder to the world. 

Craft Immersive visual concepts

Develop digital visual content

Curate artistic digital installations

Intervine spaces of any size or scale

Communication strategy

What: We do


We create and curate digital images that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in a visual experience of colors, textures, and forms. Transforming empty areas into spaces of connection and communication.


From big scale projections to single-users’ experiences, we produce digital content that can be used in any type of digital expression; art exhibitions, theater, shows, special events or performances.

Mapping:Visual narratives

We transform spaces by using them as a canvas for storytelling. From big to small scale mapping we can track whatever you want and transform it into a space for storytelling.

Streaming:Real-time engagement

We make your crowd part of the show through live streaming. Using the most up-to-date equipment we create the experience of integration and recognition between your audience, the performer and the stage.

VJing : Live, visual manipulation

We create live video mixes that match the live sound being outputted to the crowd. Offering a full and exciting visual experience that drives the audience to a unique and exciting audio and visual experience.

Audio Production:Soundscapes

We can incorporate combination audio and visual elements to your project, throughout the implementation of handcrafted audio that can offer a multi-sensory experience to your audience.

What: we offer

Find the plan that best fits your needs

Immersive visual concepts

Tier 1
  • Craft: We Design and produce artistic visual concepts; merging  art, ideas innovation, technology and locations.
    • Visual conception
    • Content creation
    • Technical set-up
    • Live video performance
    • Mapping, projection, streaming
  • *For spaces of any size or scale
Space interventions

Communication strategies

Tier 2
  • Orchestrate: We transform these visual events into strategic harmonies of resonating messages to reach awareness and success. 
    • Advertising content creation
    • Communication strategy
    • Social Media strategy
    • Public relationships strategy
    • Ticketing/Booking system
  • *For driving ticket sales & event awareness
Our campaigns

Full 5 senses experience

Tier 3
  • Tailor: We weave art, music, food, and technology into canvas that provoke the senses.
    • Visual conception
    • Audio-visual experience
    • Food & Art pair
    • Artistic curation
    • Lighting ambience
    • Communication strategy
Intervening the senses

We are Pixen:Media

We build visual media that impact users eyes.

We are: pixen

We pursue our passions and excel in our strengths.

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